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Mini Implants Are Much Narrower
Than Traditional Implants

The number one thing that we hear from all of our patients is that  Mini Implants have been life-changing.  Patients report that the procedure was easy, and the best part is that they are no longer embarrassed.  They have confidence to smile around their loved ones and co-workers and they can eat all of the foods that they love.  

Imagine not having to hide your teeth or wear a denture that doesn't look good or doesn't fit. Imagine being able to eat what ever you want, comfortably.  Imagine how great that would feel!

With proper care, Mini Implants can last a lifetime. 

This makes MINI IMPLANTS less expensive in the long-term compared to other treatment options that may need to be replaced several times, like bridges or dentures.

Ready to smile confidently, knowing you have your full set of teeth back?  
Mini Implants:
  • Look just like real teeth
  • Feels like real teeth in your mouth
  • Gives you your ability to chew back so you can eat ANYTHING you want
  • Support your facial structure, preventing facial sagging and the shifting of other nearby teeth

More Benefits Of Mini Implants

Less Expensive

Mini Dental Implants are often less expensive than Traditional Implants.  This provides a cost effective way to improve your smile and ability to chew.

Half The Size

Mini Dental Implants are about half the size of Traditional Implants, and therefore, don't require extensive, painful surgery.

Quicker Healing Time

Mini Dental Implants are a less invasive procedure than Traditional Dental Implants.  This results in faster healing time.  There is virtually no discomfort, and you have to make less visits to the dental office. 

Immediate Results

Unlike Traditional Dental Implants, Mini Implants allow you to get your new teeth in the same day.  

No More Decay

Mini Dental Implants are strong.  They are made out of titanium.  Because they are a strong metal they are not subject to decay or to periodontal disease.

Preserves The Bone

Mini Dental Implants will preserve your jaw bone.  When you lose teeth and they are not replaced, your jaw bone starts to resorb, and your face can get an aged, sunken in appearance.  Mini Dental Implants preserve the jawbone and your appearance.

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Stories That Inspire Us...

Snap In Denture Using Mini Implants

Imagine not having to worry about denture glue, having to place your teeth in a cup, or having your teeth come out during a meal. 

Mini Implants allow your dentures to "snap in" and stay in place without messy adhesives.

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